Photography Tips II: Night Photography


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The night rules | Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

Photography Tips II: Night Photography
Night photography is something that I enjoy more and more. It is a bit more complicated than shooting sunset and sunrise though:) It needs also more dedication; one needs to go out to nature in the middle of night. I love to be out there in complete darkness and watch the stars. When you find the total darkness, away from all human generated lights, you might be surprised how visible is the milky way, spanning the entire scan from end to end. It is also important to shoot when moon is not there, preferably at New Moon phase. Then put your camera on a tripod, take it to manual mode and shoot at minimum aperture (e.g 2.8) with about 20-30 seconds of shutter. ISO should be also high 1600-3200. Finally, you need to shoot at manual focus mode, and adjust the focus until it gets sharp, somewhere close to infinity sign. Then night is yours, enjoy different foregrounds, maybe with some light painting as I did here…

NIKON D800, 14-24 mm Nikkor lens
Focal Length 14mm
Shutter Speed 25 s
Aperturef /2.8
ISO/Film 1600
and a trip and cable release


Ali Erturk

  1. shaunak thakkar05-21-16


    This is a really incredible shot. I am planning to visit Fuerteventura this summer and if you could tell me the location for this shot I would really appreciate it

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