Photography Tips 1: What kind of gear (camera, lens etc.) should I use?


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I have been constantly asked about what I use. To give a short answer, buy the gear that you can afford. To make a great art, the tools are indeed not important. Your passion and hard work will produce the outstanding images. First, try to discover what you like to shoot most (people, landscape, flowers or birds etc.) then buy on the photography equipment proper to your style. You need to be patient and work on what you like to shoot constantly. Subsequently, quality of the images will improve. There are of course some simple rules and tools, which will help you to get better images. Here just to talk about the gear part a bit: I would strongly recommend using a tripod in still photography such as shooting landscape or architecture. Even a very cheap tripod will improve the quality of the photos much more than having a camera or lens that would cost thousands of dollars. In addition, use a remote control to get the sharpest images possible. Go out, and find interesting locations to shoot when the light is good during the sunrise and sunset. And do not forget to have funJ. It is all about enjoying the time you spend with constant learning. Finally, if you really wonder what I use, you can find information on my blog:

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