Reflection of the Galaxy | Pfeiffer Beach, California

We travelled on Saturday to Big Sur with Guillaume Desachy and made some Milky Way shot at the Pfeiffer Beach. We actually went there to shoot the Keyhole Arch, which we did at the sunset…Then while we were moving to Bixby Bridge to make some Milky Way photos, we found this small pond which nicely reflecting the stars. This is a single photo taken with Nikon D800, 14-24mm lens at (14 mm), f 2.8, Iso 3200, and shutter 20 seconds. It is processed with Lightroom and Photoshop to enhance the contrast of Milky Way both in the sky and at the reflections. I also increase the exposure for the foreground sand…
Pfeiffer Beach, reflection of the glaxy


  1. Jeff Watts12-02-15

    This is awesome. What month did you take this? You said you were taking photos of sunset through keyhole and that is usually in Dec., but I didn’t think you could get the Milky Way in winter time. Thanks!

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