Golden Gate, embedded


I woke up at 5 am and drove to Marin Hills a few days ago to catch the sunrise and fog over the Golden Gate Bridge. I took this photo at Slacker Hill, which is about 15-20 min hike up. It was an amazing overview of the scenery. This photo is not an HDR. It is from a single photo. Nowadays I found myself doing less and less HDR. One reason is that D800 takes the images in such a great depth that you don’t really need to bracket anymore…

San Francisco, Golden Gate embedded

  1. Karl09-02-13

    This is an awesome shot! I have found the same with my D600. The dynamic range is almost unbelievable from a single frame and Lightroom can bring out all the details without the need of Photomatix or blending!

  2. Ethan07-18-14

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